4 Ways A Berkel Slicer Can Positively Impact Your Kitchen

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It can be difficult to decide whether it’s worth the money to buy a Berkel slicer or not. It’s a wise investment regardless of whether you’re slicing a lot of bread or a lot of meat. Whatever it is that you’re slicing, it can make a positive impact in the kitchen in a number of ways. Once you learn how you can benefit, the decision to make the investment will be an easy one.

1. Productivity

Productivity is a factor in every kitchen. Some employees are easier to motivate than others. Depending upon the amount of prep work that needs to be done in your kitchen, it can seem as though the productivity will never go up because there is simply too much to do. There are recipes to follow, long lists of foods to prep, and it never lets up. However, a commercial meat slicer can help to speed up the work because of the automated process.

Instead of a person standing over a cutting board, lining up every slice with a knife and then making a sawing motion for several seconds per slice, they can stand in front of a slicer and let the machine do all the work. Several minutes could be saved per roast or per anything else that needs to be sliced. A few minutes here and there can add up quickly.

2. Food Cost

You should be able to calculate food cost in your head after being in the business for a while. You know that the more food you can get out of each box, each roast, and each bag, the better it is for your food cost. Using a slicer is known to make the most out of an item because there isn’t as much waste. Cleaner cuts are made and that can positively impact food cost.

3. Presentation

Presentation means a lot. No one wants to look down at their food and see meat that looks shredded around the edges or see bread that looks like it has been hacked at. A Berkel slicer is able to make nice, clean cuts on all that it does. This will lead to a much nicer presentation so you can stand behind the food that is served from the kitchen.

4. Speed of Service

It is always a good thing to improve speed of service. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a casual dining atmosphere or a fine dining one. People don’t want to wait forever for their food to come out. If you can speed up the service by adding a Berkel slicer to the line, then it may be in your best interest to do so. This way, you can get the food out faster to the dining room and create happier diners who will be more likely to return to your establishment.

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