5 Ways To Benefit From A Commercial Vacuum Sealer

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A commercial vacuum sealer offers a number of benefits. It’s capable of sealing in the food so that it can be placed into the refrigerator or freezer. You won’t have to worry about portioning, about using a lot of freezer bags, or about freezer burn. There are also easy ways to quickly prepare the food once it has been vacuum sealed.

There are plenty of ways to benefit from a commercial vacuum sealer when you choose to make the investment. Learning of these ways can ensure you feel confident with your purchase – and that you know what model to purchase to gain the most benefits.

Save on Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can get expensive. You have to look at your disposables budget for the kitchen and then compare it to the cost of a commercial vacuum sealer. Over time, the sealer is going to be a more cost effective option than using plastic bags for everything.

Portion Effectively

Any time you purchase restaurant kitchen equipment, you want to look at how it can reduce costs for your kitchen. Portioning is always a good way to reduce costs because if portions are too large, money is walking out the door. You will have the ability to portion everything and then seal it so that once it is defrosted, it can be put into use right away.

Store Food Properly

Food should always be stored properly. You can use a commercial vacuum sealer for protein, for liquids, as well as a combination of it all. The food can be stored so that it is airtight and so you don’t have to worry about leaks when it goes into a drawer or onto a shelf in the freezer.

Avoid Freezer Burn

There’s nothing worse than unpacking some meat you had in the back of the freezer only to find that there is a lot of frost covering it. While freezer burned food may still be edible, it’s not going to taste the same. It may not be salvageable and this could lead to throwing food out. When sealed, you don’t have to worry about frost being able to get inside.

Incorporate New Cooking Methods

Not only can you portion and freeze food with a commercial vacuum sealer, you can also try out some new cooking techniques. More chefs are using the sous vide method, which enables food to go into a plastic bag or be vacuum sealed and then go into boiling water. It’s a great way to add something different to your menu and the sealer does a lot of the work for you.

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