4 Ways To Benefit From A Berkel Meat Slicer

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It’s important that you find ways to improve your commercial kitchen. There are various things going on at any time and there’s a responsibility to the restaurant, the employees, as well as the customers. Buying a Berkel meat slicer can be a great investment and there are many ways to benefit from the purchase.

1. Improve Productivity

Productivity is something that you should always be striving to improve. With a meat slicer, it may be possible to reduce the number of hours spent in the kitchen during prep work. It can take a substantial amount of time to slice an entire beef tenderloin, especially when you want to make sure each slice is the same width. The simpler solution can be to place it inside of a slicer and create a setting that does the work for you. By reducing labor, you reduce costs. There is then the possibility of using a vacuum packaging machine to store any portioned meat that you won’t use right away.

2. Increase Portion Control

Your recipes likely state that four ounces of chicken or even three ounces of beef should be used. If the slicing of the meat and poultry is inconsistent, you will never be able to adhere to all of the portion control standards. The food that goes out of the kitchen to customers will either have too much or not enough – and neither are good for business. Too much reduces your bottom line and too little upsets customers because of poor value for money. By working with Berkel Sales and Service, you can learn about a Berkel meat slicer that will work well for your kitchen. From there, you can begin to portion control more effectively.

3. Reduce Accidents

There are always going to be accidents in the kitchen because cooks don’t always listen. They forget to wear cutting gloves when using a knife and they run out of the house without grabbing their non-skid shoes. It’s impossible to prevent all accidents, but there are things that you can do, including limiting the amount of time they spend with a sharp knife in their hand. By having employees use a slicer instead of a knife, they can hide behind the controls and avoid holding a sharp blade in their hands.

4. Enhance Plate Presentation

If your employees do not know how to properly slice a turkey breast, a beef tenderloin, or anything else, it can lead to all sorts of complications. The meat may look like it has been torn apart instead of sliced with a sharp knife. Such problems are going to make it difficult to provide a high-end plate presentation. With the presence of a Berkel meat slicer, it will be easier to get a sharp cut and a nice slice to avoid mutilation.

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