8 Reasons to Use a Commercial Vacuum Sealer

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We know that some people are adamant about vacuum sealing their food at home. In addition, we know that many restaurants already use a commercial vacuum sealer. This home and restaurant kitchen equipment provides many benefits in just about any cooking environment.

Consumers and businesses use commercial vacuum sealers for any or all of these eight reasons:

  1. It keeps meals fresh for longer. Foods stored inside vacuum-wrapped containers taste like they did when first prepared. The appearance and condition of items also stay intact.
  2. It prevents freezer burns and discoloration. The tight-sealed container that holds the food allows very little moisture or cold air into the package. This sealing process preserves the color of meat and vegetables, and these food items will not become stale as fast either.
  3. It helps us all save money on ingredients and groceries. Restaurants, as well as individuals, can stop spending so much money on food they don’t eat meaning everyone can win economically by using a food vacuum sealer.
  4. It more easily preserves prepared meals. Cooked meal ingredients stored in a cooler or freezer will taste the same as they did when first made. Food is then ready to heat and serve to household members or restaurant guests.
  5. It extends dry, frozen and fresh food shelf lives. For instance, dried food can be kept for an entire year instead of a few months. Fresh and frozen food will stay in its original state for at least a few weeks to several months but can sometimes even keeps for years.
  6. It allows for steamed food preparation. Chefs can place items in a pot of hot water or in a specially designed cooker. This allows for slow-cooking prepared meals, vegetables and other foods that may have been stored for a while.
  7. It provides a way for temperature-precision cooking. This applies primarily to home sous vide cooking. However, it also pertains to restaurants that use special appliances for cooking eggs, meat and produce. Foods can stay at their optimal temperature when sealed and cooked this way.
  8. It takes up less room in the refrigerator or freezer. Whether the food is resealed for use tomorrow or saved for another week, it can take up less space. This allows more room for buying and storing new groceries in refrigerators, walk-in coolers or freezers.

How a Commercial Vacuum Sealer Works

Food is placed into a sealing chamber, and the vacuum sucks the air right out of the area where the food will be sealed. Heat helps seal the opening, and it’s ready for storage. Then, cooks will retrieve the vacuum-sealed entrees, vegetables and side items for use in preparing meals. They might even steam sealed menu items without removing them from the packages.

It’s also possible for restaurants and families to reseal any unused portions for storage again. This can benefit all users when refrigerating leftovers.

Contact Berkel Sales and Service for answers to questions concerning usage of a commercial vacuum sealer at home or in a restaurant.

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