Tips For Buying A Bread Slicer

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When you decided that you need a bread slicer, there are a variety of tips available to help you buy the right one. If you buy a slicer that does not have the settings that you need, it may end up being more work than it should be. If you buy a slicer that has too many settings, it can require additional training, which means that you aren’t gaining the productivity that you hope to with it.

One of the first things that you need to establish is what types of bread, you will be working with. Various slicers are capable of slicing bread of different lengths and thicknesses. For example, one slicer may be able to slice through right and pumpernickel with no problem, while others will be able to handle ciabatta, Cuban bread, and other artisan breads as well.

It is important to look at the features that you need. A bread slicer may have various digital settings that will allow you to press a button, based upon the type of bread that you need to have sliced. When you need to focus on training staff, simpler is always better to ensure that everyone gets the same results when they use the slicer or any other piece of equipment, such as a professional meat grinder.

If you only have a small number of people in your kitchen and you are looking to keep your expenses down, it can also be advantageous to look for a slicer that doesn’t have a lot of advanced features. There are still slicers on the market that will allow you to use the dial in order to determine how thick you want the bread sliced.

Other features are available within a bread slicer as well. Some will automatically push the bread through the slicer and there may be crumb trays and other details as well. This can help you to keep the slicer working properly and in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.

There are all sorts of different slicers on the market and you will need to determine the budget that you have available for a bread slicer. Before you assume that you cannot afford a proper slicer, you will need to remember that it is going to boost your productivity and help you to save labor. It can also help you with your food cost by ensuring that you get the proper slice every time. If you have employees that have a tendency to hack the loaf of bread, you may be thrown away significant chunks of bread every day – and with a proper slicer, you would be able to salvage a significant amount of each loaf.

By taking the time to analyze your needs, it will be a lot easier to buy the best slicer for your kitchen. Simply decide what features are important to you and what price range you can afford.

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