FAQ - Sous Vide

  • What are the Benefits of Using Sous Vide Equipment?

    The biggest benefit of using sous vide equipment is there is no need to constantly monitor the food as it is being cooked. Sous vide cooking requires food to be cooked in water at a constant temperature for a prolong period of time. This specialty kitchen equipment will keep the water at a constant temperature for the entire time. Another benefit that comes with using this specialty equipment is the consistent cooking of the meat. These kitchen products are specially designed to guarantee that the meat is evenly cooked by making sure the entire product is submerged in water. This allows meats to stay tender and moist without overcooking them. Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. has an online store that offers a number of sous vide specialty products for sale. Visit our website to shop our vast selection of specialty kitchen equipment designed specifically for sous vide cooking.

  • Are There Different Types of Sous Vide Equipment Available for the Professional and Home Cook?

    All equipment designed for sous vide cooking performs the basic essential tasks. It all takes a tightly sealed plastic bag of good and cooks it at an even temperature for a prolong period of time. Even though the equipment is designed to perform the same task, there are different options available to professional and home cooks. Home cooks often enjoy using a piece of equipment called an immersion circulator. An immersion circulator is a small, thermometer-like gadget that will heat the water and circulate it. This gadget is often clipped to the side of a pot or plastic container. The immersion circulator is great for home use. Professional cooks that need to cook large volumes of meat at a single time can benefit from purchasing a water bath appliance. The water bath appliance provides a large space to store and cook the meat, as well as having a water heater and circulator. These pieces of restaurant kitchen equipment are ideal because it combines all the necessary equipment into one product. Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. offers a variety of products for sale that can be used by the professional or casual cook who is looking to start sous vide cooking. Visit our website and browse our extensive collection of kitchen equipment that includes products like a commercial meat slicer and sous vide cooking products.

  • Can Sous Vide Cooking be Done without Sous Vide Equipment?

    Yes, sous vide cooking can be done without purchasing specialty equipment, but the process is rather complicated. Sous vide cooking without the proper equipment requires constant vigilance to make sure the temperatures do not drop and the bag is constantly submerged in water. Even though this cooking method can be done without specialty equipment, it is often easier – and safer – to purchase the specialty equipment. When using specialty equipment to cook using the sous vide cooking method, individuals can just set the machine to the proper temperature and walk away. There is no need to constantly monitor the temperature or worry about water evaporating away. Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. offers a number of thermometers, tanks, lids, and other sous vide equipment that is available for sale. Visit our website and explore our complete collection of kitchen equipment that can help when trying the sous vide cooking method.