When handling a commercial meat slicer, safety tips can prevent misuse of the slicer, in addition to preventing accidents. Fortunately for commercial slicers including the Berkel Meat Slicer there are standard issue safety features and suggestions for safe operation that will keep you safe when slicing your favorite meats. Here are valuable tips to keep you safe when working around your professional grade meat slicing machine.

1. Utilize Edge Guards and Knife Guards

As the name suggests, these fixtures guard you from getting cut on the blade accidently. Additionally, this piece will help protect your blade so to ensure a longer lasting cutting unit. As for knife guards, keep these in place while you are cutting to prevent your fingers from making any contact with the slicing blade.

2. Avoid Manual Sharpening

One way that you can end up with a cut from your commercial meat slicer is by sharpening the blades. Look for the automatic blade sharpener as a way to avoid getting your fingers in the way of the blade’s sharp edge. This will help you do a more efficient job when sharpening your blade, while preventing undue injury.

3. Read Your Operation Manual

The manual that accompanies your slicer will provide specific safety precautions to take pertaining to your piece of equipment. Read and follow the directions in the manual to avoid accidents when using the machine. By following the instructions you also prevent devoiding any warranty that might cover your slicing device.

4. Gloves are Your Friend

When cutting meat with your commercial meat slicer always wear gloves. In addition to being hygienic in terms of food preparation, wearing gloves can save you from injury. Choose cut resistant gloves for best results, as these are the only ones that will ensure that a slip on your slicer will not leave your fingers or hand in pain. Wear the gloves when you are operating the slicer, in addition to when you are cleaning or maintaining the unit.

5. Steer Clear of the Cutting Element

As you are slicing beef, ham, bacon or your other favorite meat, never use your hands to push or feed the meat into the area of the blade. Furthermore, you should never reach your hand or arm across the blade at any time to pick up slices or to add new meat to the slicing area.

6. Attention at Alert

When operating a slicing device for meat, your attention should be solely on the slicing at hand. Avoid operating this machine when you have been drinking alcohol or taking medication that might make you drowsy. Make sure there aren’t any distractions, such as small children, pets or television shows, that could take your attention away from operating the slicer.

7. Cleanliness Counts

After you have finished slicing, you should clean the blade and exposed elements following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Turn off the machine, after unplugging it, and adjust the blade to the zero setting. Cleaning the unit ensures that meat is not lodged into areas causing dislodgement or damage to the blade and attachments.