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  • Who Uses Vacuum Packaging Machines?

    A vacuum packaging machine can be used by anyone who wants to prolong the 'shelf life' of food. Perishable foods, such as meats, cheeses, fish, fruits, and vegetables, as well as non-perishable items, dry pasta and raw rice, can have their shelf life extended. Another reason for using a vacuum sealer is the ability to save money on food. People are able to purchase food in bulk, which can cut back on food costs. The bulk food can be purchased and stored using the vacuum sealer. Restaurant owners, chefs, kitchen managers, and families all use vacuum sealers for these reasons. Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. has a number of vacuum sealers available for sale. Visit our website and shop our vast selection of vacuum sealers.

  • What are the Benefits to Using a Vacuum Packaging Machine?

    The biggest benefit that comes with using a commercial vacuum sealer is the ability to prolong or extend the shelf life of recently purchased perishable food. Food that once could quickly go bad can have its 'self life' extended when it had undergone the vacuum sealing process. Extending the shelf life of perishable foods allows individuals to save money by purchasing items in bulk. Bulk food items tend to be priced less than purchasing items individually. Individuals can purchase items in bulk, vacuum seal it, and have it available for use at a later date.

    People who enjoy preparing meats or fish using the sous vide cooking method will also find vacuum sealing beneficial. Sous vide cooking requires meats and fish to be securely sealed in an airtight bag. This process can be done by hand, but it is more successful when the bags have been sealed using a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealers can remove more oxygen and create a tighter seal than the manual sealing process.

    Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. has a number of vacuum sealers and sous vide equipment available for sale. Visit our website and explore our vast selection of commercial kitchen equipment.

  • What Foods Work Best with a Vacuum Packaging Machine?

    Vacuum sealers are ideal for prolonging the shelf life of foods. Food that would normally expire within 3 days can still be good for up to 10 days when properly vacuum sealed. Almost any type of food can be vacuum sealed including meats, fish, cheese, pasta, rice, and fruits or vegetables. The most popular items for use with a vacuum sealer include meats and fish. When properly sealed the self life of these items can be extended by three to five times that of traditional storage. Fish and meat that have been vacuum sealed can be stored in a regular fridge or in a freezer. Storing it in a freezer will prolong its shelf life. Rice and pasta are other popular food items that are used with vacuum sealers. The rice and pasta can be stored in its original raw form or it can be cooked. Raw rice and pasta will last longer than cooked pasta/rice, as it is not exposed to potentially hazardous bacteria. In addition to these popular food items, a vacuum packaging machine can be used to vacuum seal sugar, flour, cookies, chips, soups, and stews. Browse our collection of vacuum sealers and start vacuum sealing today!