FAQ - Meat Slicer

  • How to Use a Commercial Meat Slicer?

    It is important to learn how to properly use a commercial meat slicer. Proper handling of this piece of kitchen equipment is essential to the safety of the operator. There are only a few steps involved with using a meat slicer. First, the bulk meat, or whichever product is being sliced, is placed into the carriage compartment on the slicer. This compartment is designed to hold the meat securely in place during the cutting or slicing process. After the meat or other food product has been placed in the carriage, the proper settings much be selected. The settings will vary depending upon the make and model of the meat slicer, but most slicers allow users to select how thick the meat is cut. Once the proper setting has been selected, the meat slicer will need to be turned on. How the meat slicer is used after it has been turned on will depend upon whether it is a manual or automatic machine. If the meat slicer is a manual machine, the user must manually move the carriage over the blade to cut the meat. If the meat slicer is automatic, this process is automatically and no manual pushing is required. Visit our website to explore our vast selection of manual and automatic meat slicers from some of the top manufacturers.

  • Where Can I Buy a Commercial Meat Slicer Online?

    Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. sells a number of meat slicers that are designed for commercial use. Our online store has dozens of automatic and manual meat slicers available for purchase. All of our products are competitively priced. Our current inventory of meat slicers includes makes and models created by top name manufacturers, like Berkel and Globe. These slicers come in a variety of slicing options, blade sizes and horsepower settings. In addition to these varying features, each meat slicer will have its own set of safety features, such as a safety on/off switch and non-slip surfaces. Some of our products, such as Berkel meat slicers may come with free shipping. This allows our customers to save money while shopping for commercial kitchen equipment from our store. Visit our website and browse our selection of available meat slicers today!

  • Who Tends to Use a Commercial Meat Slicer?

    Meat slicers designed for commercial use are often used by individuals who work in restaurants, kitchens, or delis where there is a need for a high quantity of cut meat. This meat can be used for creating meals and sandwiches, or available for purchase as an individual product. While commercial businesses, such as delis and restaurants, are the main users of these products, they are not the only individuals to use these types of meat slicers. Individuals who regularly host large dinner parties or who do a lot of cooking with sliced meat may also purchase a commercial meat slicer. This is because it is more cost effective to purchase meat in bulk and slice it at home than purchasing it from a deli or grocery store. Discover amazing meat slicers available for purchase, like the Berkel slicer, by visiting Berkel Sales & Service, Inc.'s website today!