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  • Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Includes What Type of Products?

    There are a number of different products that are categorized as restaurant kitchen equipment. The products that are listed as kitchen equipment will vary depending upon where a customer is shopping. Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. has a comprehensive collection of kitchen equipment that is used to help with the preparation and cooking of foods in kitchens that produce large volume. These products can range from meat grinders and meat slicers to scales and juicers. Sous vide equipment, vacuum packaging equipment, and meat slicers are our biggest subcategories of kitchen equipment at Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. Customers can discover dozens of different products manufactured by some of the top name brands in the kitchen equipment industry. Juicers, bread slicers, dough mixers, meat grinders, sausage stuffers, scales, and meat mixers are other types of kitchen equipment that can be found at our store. Visit our website to view our extensive collection of kitchen equipment that is designed for use in restaurants.

  • Where Can I Purchase Restaurant Kitchen Equipment?

    Kitchen equipment that is manufactured for commercial use can be purchased at Berkel Sales & Services, Inc. Our company is a distributor for several manufacturers that procedure all types of kitchen equipment ranging from scales and meat slicers to vacuum packaging equipment and sous vide equipment. Customers will be able to find a variety of makes and models for all the produces we offer on our website. For example, customers looking for a commercial meat slicer will be able to find products manufactured by both Berkel and Globe, which are two top name manufacturers of kitchen equipment.

    In addition to new equipment, we also sell used equipment. The type of used equipment that is available for purchase will vary depending upon what we have in stock. Our inventory of used equipment can include meat slicers, juicers, and vacuum packaging equipment. Visit our website to browse our complete collection of new and used kitchen equipment that is available for sale.

  • Where Can I Find Reasonably Priced Restaurant Kitchen Equipment?

    Berkel Sales & Services, Inc. has a vast inventory of commercial kitchen equipment that is competitively priced. All of our products, ranging from a Berkel meat slicer to scales and juicers are reasonably priced. When customers shop at our site, they are not only taking advantage of the great prices for kitchen equipment, but they receive great deals on shipping. Many of our items come with free shipping. Shipping costs for commercial kitchen equipment can be extremely high. The free shipping offer on some items helps our customers save money while being able to purchase the items they need to succeed. In addition to reasonably priced restaurant kitchen equipment, we also sell spare parts and supplies. Customers can fix and repair their kitchen equipment by purchasing spare parts and other supplies at competitive rates. Visit our website and browse our extensive collection of reasonably priced commercial kitchen equipment.