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  • How Long Does Food Last When Using a Commercial Vacuum Sealer?

    A commercial vacuum sealer will dramatically extend the shelf life of most foods. How long that shelf life is extended will depend upon the type of food that is vacuum packed and how the food is being stored. Other factors such as moisture content, pH levels, nutritional content, and amount of oxygen remove will impact the shelf life of a vacuum sealed product. In most cases, the shelf life of a vacuum sealed product is three to five times longer than the same product that has not been vacuum sealed. Uncooked meats can be stored in the fridge for up to three days, but when they have been vacuum sealed that time can be extended to ten days. Rice and dry pastas have a shelf life of 180 days, but can last up to a year (365 days) when vacuum sealed and stored at a constant temperature in the fridge. Browse our collection of restaurant kitchen equipment to find a product to help with the vacuum sealing process.

  • How Do You Use a Commercial Vacuum Sealer?

    Vacuum sealing products using commercial kitchen equipment is not a difficult process. The product that is being vacuum sealed will be taken out of its original container and placed in a chamber. The chamber is lined with a heavy-duty, multi-ply vacuum seal bag that is specifically used for this process. The entire product must fit into the chamber in order for proper sealing to occur. After placing the product in the chamber, the lid is closed and the vacuum sealing process begins. A high speed vacuum pump will start up once the lid is closed. This pump will successfully remove the air from the chamber. Once all air is removed, the vacuum sealer will tightly seal the bag using a heat strip. When the process is complete, the vacuum sealer will automatically open up. The sealed package is removed and the process can be repeated. The entire process can be competed in less than five minutes. Shop our complete collection of vacuum sealers now!

  • How Do Commercial Vacuum Sealers Help Out in the Sous Vide Cooking Trend?

    Sous vide cooking involves cooking food that has been securely sealed in plastic bags at a temperature lower than normal. The food is cooked in a steam-like environment that is created with the use of sous vide equipment. The food cooks for a longer period of time, but the finished product is believed to be fresher and moister than 'traditional' cooking methods. A commercial vacuum sealer can help with the sous vide cooking process as it helps to create an airtight seal on the plastic bag. Airtight seals are needed during the sous vide cooking process as it prevents oxygen from getting into the bag. If oxygen should enter the bag, it could cause the food to cook in an uneven manner which will impact the freshness and moisture of the finished product. Shop our vast selection of vacuum sealers and try out the latest cooking trend. Keyword to remove: commerical vacuum sealer