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  • How Do Berkel Slicers Compare to Other Brand Name Slicers?

    A Berkel slicer is a high-quality, reliable piece commercial kitchen equipment. For over 100 years, Berkel has created and manufactured slicers that allow delis, chefs, and restaurants to prepare food in a safe, yet timely manner. Slicers manufactured by Berkel can create an even, smooth cut on breads and meats. When compared to other brand name slicers, Berkel products are high quality, reliable, and built to last for several years. Customers purchasing a product from Berkel know they are receiving a product that is reliable and long lasting. In addition to creating and manufacturing a superior quality product, Berkel also has the most diverse selection of slicers available to customers. Customers will be able to choose from slicers that come in various blade sizes, tray sizes, horsepower speeds, and power types. Visit our website and explore our complete collection of bread and meat slicers manufactured by Berkel.

  • Who Sells the Most Affordable Berkel Slicers Parts?

    Berkel Sales & Services, Inc. offers the most affordable prices on parts for all types of slicers created and manufactured by Berkel. Our competitive prices on slicer parts for Berkel products allow customers to quickly repair their slicers in a way that is cost effective. We keep almost 5,000 Berkel parts in stock at all times. Our current inventory includes all types of parts ranging from screws and bolts to replacement blades and springs. Keeping so many parts in stock allows us to help our customers experience as little down time as possible when a slicer should break or need repairs. Visit our online store and explore our diverse selection of available parts for slicers manufactured by Berkel.

  • What Company Stocks a Wide Variety of Berkel Slicers?

    Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. has a wide variety of commercial slicers that are manufactured by Berkel. Customers looking for a Berkel slicer will be able to choose from several dozen different makes and models that we currently have in stock. This allows our customers to find the right slicer for their unique cooking needs.Our company currently keeps meat and bread slicers manufactured by Berkel in stock. Slicers are available in various blade sizes, horsepower speeds, power types, and tray sizes. In addition to the meat and bread slicers, we also have a huge inventory of vacuum sealers manufactured by Berkel. A vacuum packaging machine can extend the shelf life of freshly sliced meats and breads by up to three times its normal shelf life.

    Berkel is notorious for creating high-quality products, but occasional repairs will need to be performed. Our company keeps thousands of Berkel parts in stock. This allows our customers to perform timely repairs to their products and not have to worry about experiencing prolong periods of down time. Visit our website to browse our complete collection of products manufactured by Berkel, including meat slicers and a commercial vacuum sealer.