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  • What are the Advantages of Using a Berkel Meat Slicer?

    There are many advantages that come from using a Berkel meat slicer. The biggest advantage customers receive when purchasing a slicer from Berkel is they are receiving a high-quality product that is built to last. Berkel has been manufacturing kitchen equipment, specifically bread and meat slicers, for over 100 years. Throughout the years, Berkel has been able to develop a highly specialized slicer that will last for several years without needing to undergo extensive repairs or maintenance work. In addition to receiving a high-quality product, customers will also be able to increase work efficiency when preparing foods in a high volume kitchen or restaurant. The use of automatic slicers manufactured by Berkel can help kitchens and restaurants slice large cuts of meat quickly and evenly. Visit our website to browse our vast selection of meat slicers manufactured by Berkel.

  • How Can I Acquire a Berkel Meat Slicer?

    Meat slicers manufactured by Berkel can be purchased from a company that is a distributor of commercial kitchen equipment. Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. offers customers the opportunity to purchase a number of meat slicers manufactured by Berkel.

    Our company has over a dozen different manual and automatic meat slicers from Berkel that are available for purchase. These meat slicers come in a variety of different blade sizes, horsepower speeds, and tray sizes. The number of diverse makes and models available for purchase allows our customers to find the right meat slicer.

    In addition to meat slicers, our company also offers other kitchen equipment that is manufactured by Berkel. Berkel manufactures all types of kitchen equipment ranging from a bread slicer to a vacuum packaging machine. All of these products are available for purchase from our store, Berkel Sales & Services, Inc. Visit our website and browse our vast selection of commercial kitchen equipment.

  • Are There Different Types of Berkel Meat Slicers?

    Yes, meat slicers manufactured by Berkel come in a variety of makes and models. Berkel Sales & Service, Inc. keeps over a dozen different slicers manufactured by Berkel in stock at all times. The diverse inventory allows our customers to pick and choose which slicer offers the best solution for their unique cooking situation. The biggest difference between meat slicers is how they are powered. Some slicers are automatic, while others are manual. Manual meat slicers require an operator to assist with the slicing process. The operator must feed the meat into the slicer and then manually move the carriage, which includes the knife, back and forth. An automatic meat slicer does not require the assistance of an operator. This slicer automatically moves the carriage with the blade across the meat. The speed the slicer operates can be adjusted to allow customers to have control over how many slices are produced per minute. Other differences between meat slicers include the horsepower that is available, the size of the tray, and size of the blade. Visit our website and browse our vast selection of commercial kitchen equipment to find the perfect Berkel slicer.